Sponsors (be a Sponsor)

The Ely ArtWalk is dedicated to the creation, promotion, and appreciation of the arts and is made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation and an appropriation from the arts and cultural fund; a grant from the Donald G. Gardner Humanities Trust Fund; and the Ely Chamber of Commerce. Additional support comes from the Ely Winter Festival and the generosity of individuals in the community and area businesses.

Thank you to all sponsors, hosts and volunteers who have contributed to help stage this community event.


Essentia Health
Klun Law
Raven Words Press
The Art Corner
The Front Porch
Ely Chamber of Commerce
Lake Country Power
Arrowhead Regional Arts Council
Gardner Humanities Trust
Web Goddess LLC
Nancy Hernessma
Linda Lenich
Mary Setterholm
Linda Ganister
Karen McManus


Heidi Brandenburg
Heidi Breaker
Polly Carlson-Voiles
Dafne Caruso
Pam Davis
Alanna Dore
Carol Dowling
Sue Duffy
Cassie Eggebraaten
Barb Farley
Marc Farley
Betty Firth
Anne Grignon
Sarah Hansen
Irene Hartfield
Lynn Hill
Heather Hohenstein
Ken Hupila
Anna Keenan
Kathy Kerns
Judy Krish
Linda Lenich
Bob Matson
Dayna Mase
Travis Melin
Roy Misonznick
Patsy Mogush
Beth Olhauser
Lisa Pekuri
Kara Polyner
Consie Powell
John Rejman
Olivia Ridge
Ann Schuler Santo
Terri Schocke
Terry Schocke
Paula Schuler
Eric Sherman
Muff Shumacher
Nan Snyder
Claire Taylor
Jennifer Tweit
Kay Vandervort
Steve Voiles